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Living sustainably means sacrificing a lot of things that you love- A myth

Updated: Jul 30

Are you, someone who wants to watch out for how you interact with the environment and use earth's resources?

If yes, then what we are proposing in this article could be of great significance to you. We propose a way to live sustainably but not regretfully.

When there are ways to help the planet by planting more trees and using the natural resources mindfully, that's not how we implement sustainability with Zhiffy.

What is Zhiffy?

Zhiffy is a means of living a Sustainable Lifestyle by enabling everyone to Sell, Buy & Exchange pre-owned items safely. Guaranteed.

The idea to make responsible buying and selling decisions and their effectiveness in saving the environment is still new to many people.

But it is well tested and implemented by many successful brands and organizations.

How reuse helps in maintaining a balance in nature?

When we reuse or let others reuse our products, we encourage a sustainable cycle. A Circular Economy is built and we create a balance for generations to come.

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Where does Zhiffy come into the picture?

We learnt that one major reason why Indian users are hesitant to get involved in the reuse and second-hand buying-selling marketplaces is the lack of trust.

  • Fraud in online payments

  • Unverified profiles

  • Improperly listed products

We wanted to make the reuse process easy and safe for everyone. And to shape that dream, we started building Zhiffy.

Why choose Zhiffy?

We want to propagate the message that sustainable living doesn't always mean doing a lot of hard work in planting trees and cleaning beaches.

Sustainability can be put into practice with progressive and humble steps. And one example to do that is to reuse your old gadgets and if you want to have a seamless experience to sell, buy, interact with other people who believe in the same mindset, you can check out Zhiffy. We are on the google play store now.

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